Nova 9 & TaskResolvableActions

Hello! The following code works in Nova 8.4 but not in Nova 9.1:

class Assistant {
    provideTasks() {
        let task = new Task("Assistant");
        task.setAction(Task.Run, new TaskResolvableAction());
        return [task];
    resolveTaskAction(context) {
        const args = [context.config ? "Template" : "Assistant"];
        return new TaskProcessAction("/bin/echo", {args: args});

nova.assistants.registerTaskAssistant(new Assistant(), {
    identifier: "example"

Nova 9.1 throws an error when the task provided by the assistant is run:

Could not run “Assistant”.
The task may be misconfigured or malformed. Check to make sure its settings are correct and not currently in conflict within source control.

On the other hand, Nova 9.1 resolves the task correctly when run from a template in the JSON manifest:

"tasks": {
    "run": {
        "resolve": "example"

Everything works fine in Nova 8.4, as I double-checked by redownloading it from the Panic File Museum.

Thank you!

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Hello Marco,

Thank you for the report! I will mark this for investigation with Nova 9.2.


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Thank you very much, Logan!

Just wanted to follow up on this thread to mention that this issue has been resolved and is just pending our next bug fix release, which we hope to do early next week.

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Awesome! Thank you, Logan!