Nova crashes on tree-sitter injections

I haven’t been in able to get tree-sitter injections to work in Nova 10 beta but usually it seems to just fail to recognize the injected language. In one particular case Nova crashes.

The crash looks to be caused by including this query in injections.scm

((directive (partial_expression_value) @injection.content)
 (#set! injection.language "elixir")
 (#set! injection.combined))

Hello Raul,

Would you be able to share a copy of the extension in which you’re seeing this? That should allow me to see what might be going wrong.


Hey Logan,

The crash seems to be resolved in beta 2. I am still struggling to get injections to work though. The extension I’m working on is here GitHub - raulchedrese/nova-elixir-ls at nova-10. I am attempting to inject the HTML+heex syntax within Elixir files here.