Nova.localize() doesn't respect app specific language settings

Big Sur 11.7
Nova 9.6

In macOS preferences you can either set languages system-wide or by app. If you set a language for Nova specifically, then nova.localize() doesn’t translate anything. However any strings in extension.json do still get translated. So you end up with an extension that is half in the right language and half not.

If you set a language system-wide then everything translates correctly.

To add to this, I can’t seem to get my Chinese translation working at all. My French, German, and Japanese are all working.

I take my working Japanese ja.lproj folder and duplicate and rename it to zh-Hans.lproj and then switch Nova’s language to “Chinese, Simplified” and quit and restart Nova. I only see my original English strings. I should be seeing Japanese strings when I select Chinese language because I duplicated it from my ja.lproj folder.

I feel like zh-Hans.lproj must not be the correct folder name, or there is a bug with Chinese language in Nova.