NovaExtensionService crashes

Not sure what triggers this as I was editing Lua in Nova as I do 95% of the time.

Also this seems to be a built-in extension as I do not have a Markdown extension installed.

  • Nova 11.1
  • macOS 12.6.6

Screen shot 2023-06-10 at 15.41.42

Download IPS crash reports: Deleted

Oh, I just restarted and 11.2 installed.

I had no idea that was released, I very rarely close the app and don’t notice the little present that signifies an update is ready.

I’ll keep an eye on this issue.

I’m also getting this extension crash message frequently, but usually it’s my own extension (Tabs Sidebar) and the Typescript extension that are listed.

Since my own extension is crashing I have no idea how to debug and fix it, or if it’s a bug with Nova or my extension.

hasn’t happened for me since 11.2