Open file Uri path?

Just checking if there is uri support for opening files?

As an example, with xdebug you can use

xdebug.file_link_format = vscode://file/%f:%l

in your php.ini or in the case of symfony you can add something akin to

    ide: 'vscode://file/%f:%l'

for it’s debugger to crosslink to open files in app from the browser. I know nova:// opens the app, but I can’t find any way to file it to open files themselves (let alone jump to a line). Symfony’s debugger is fairly legit so it would be sweet if this gets added (or documented more clearly).

The API suppports it:

path = nova.path.join(nova.workspace.path, path).trim();
nova.workspace.openFile(path, { line: line, column: column });

I would like to know this too.

There is a CLI tool that lets you open workspaces and files, but doesn’t appear to have an option for line and column.

Would be great if nova:// url could open files at a line.

Hmm. I have found this now upon digging:

Seems like I could combine the JS extension Library with this to pretty easily whip something up. If I can get my computer working I might just do it.

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It’s been a minute but thought I’d mention hope in regards to setting up the uri path through nova:// at least based on my intuition doesn’t seem doable. I was hoping I could use the


to direct a point of entry into the extension with parameters being based along (which might actually be possible) but I’ve kind of lost hope based on the way the documentation is written this is doable. It seems to be a really underwritten part of the app which makes me think it was kind of forgotten about and only has the basic level of integration listed since if it’s feature set was more built out there would be more written (I realize I’m reading a lot into very little, but my spare time is rare these days so digging deep doesn’t feel worth it for me currently).