Open Sourcing Nova's Internal Extensions?

Hello :wave:

Just a simple request that I have had in mind past couple of months. But I thought to share it now.

I wished Nova Open Sourced its Internal Extensions, so that we can contribute as well. Not sure how it would workout for Panic, in terms of, of course overhead, for checking and approving pull requests, but I think it would be a great way forward to dump them on Github etc, and let the community steer them?

However on the positive side, I think it would free up the time, so that Panic can focus on improving Nova itself and adding new API features etc?

I think Icarus is, a good experiment I suppose. Dont get me wrong, most of the Extensions work absolutely fine, but as with all extensions, languages etc, they will need to be updated time to time to keep up with the new releases and so forth. Sometimes requiring tiny tweaks, for example maybe syntax highlighting and more.

I was hoping to see if anyone else on the forum thinks the same?? :innocent:

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I’d be all for this!

We’ve found in the past that open sourcing in this way is more burden for our engineers than not, as then as you say they also need to handle community contributions, security implications of those contributions, and a lot more. So this is highly unlikely to happen, unfortunately.