Panic sync prefs and extensions

I think there was a conversation about an add-on for syncing settings, but it feels like this should be part of panic sync. I spent all day on my personal machine yesterday and updated a bunch of keyboard shortcuts, moving to my main machine today expecting those changes to sync and I was quite let down.

Ideally, Panic Sync should sync settings, theme and installed extensions between machines. I can restore parts of it via git (Like project tasks) but it feels like an incomplete implementation at this point


Absolutely. Coming from VS Code that syncs everything, this is quite a letdown.

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Yeah, same here. You just expect it to happen when you see the sync stuff

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I’m in favor of this, as long as it’s not a boolean. I don’t want all of my preferences synced from one computer to the other.

For example, I like the idea of syncing colors, but would choose not to sync keyboard shortcuts because the computers I use do not have identical keyboards. I also use one computer in a brightly-lit office, and the other in a very dimly-lit studio, so syncing visuals is not always appealing.

I think if a sync option is implemented, it should be granular:

Sync preferences:
Keyboard shortcuts
Sidebar visuals
Editing visuals