Pasting a zero-width space into Nova 11.8 causes a crash

Hi, it seems that pasting a zero-width space into Nova causes it to crash.

To replicate, copy the sample text from Zero-width space - Wikipedia and paste it into Nova.

I’m not sure how this should be handled. Ideally there’d be some indication that a zero-width space is present when invisible characters are being shown, but I’m not aware of any way that’s typically achieved.

Regardless, it shouldn’t crash Nova.

Hello! Thank you for the report. Funny enough (well, not actually funny) this was reported last week and we have it resolved for the upcoming Nova 11.9, which I hope will be out at the start of next week.

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No worries. I tried to find an existing bug report. Was that posted here?

Oh, nope! It was reported via email to our support team, don’t worry. You were the first to report it here, AFAIK.

Just circling back around on this—it took longer than I’d hoped, but this should be resolved in Nova 11.9, which came out yesterday afternoon.