Permissions of Gitea token are not listed

I wanted to log in into our Gitea server with Nova. In Settings → Git Accounts I pressed + and selected Gitea. Then in my Gitea settings I generated an account with “repository: write” access and paste it into a “Token” field in Nova. I also filled rest fields and pressed “Sign In”. But I’ve got “Unauthorized” error.

I had an impression that this is the token issue, that I did not set correct permissions for the token. To learn which permissions I need, I opened IntelliJ Idea, set up Gitea plugin, and open the Add Server window. IntelliJ showed me a hint that I need user: read, repo: write and issues:write permissions for its plugin.

I recreated a token with permissions hinted by IntelliJ and put it into Nova, and it works.

Please add a simple hint like in IntelliJ, with permissions required to log in into Gitea.