Prefer to license json entry in Extension Library tab

Adding a file to the extension causes a License tab to be displayed in the extension library. If only the file is present, the text of the file is displayed in the License tab.

There is also a small license icon that is displayed with a license entry is added to the extension json file.

If both are present, when the extension is deployed, the string in the json is displayed, not the contents of the file.

The longer contents of the should be displayed in the License tab, not the brief string contents of the license key from the json file.

Note that in development, this will appear to work as expected. But in the library of deployed extensions this issue is present.

Oh hmm, good catch. I will look into this!

Indeed, Nova was not properly handling this for extensions not yet installed (the server was sending the correct data, though). I’ll get this fixed for our next bugfix release.

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Thank you for looking into this @logan !