Questions from a new user

I discovered Nova due to a focused article on MacStories and I’m currently in the 30 days trial period. Since my questions are development-related, I guess this is the best place to ask them.

Nova is quite interesting and it has a lot in common with Xcode’s GUI. Unlike Atom or VS Code, however, it’s privately developed and it seems it’s built with storyboards. So, I’m assuming that extensions will be quite limited compared to the alternatives.

As an example, I would like to be able to hide the scrollbar in the editor view when the minimap is shown, and have the outline view to be built-in in the minimap and displayed when holding cmd as Xcode does:

A similar feature is too specific to be available as a customization point present by default in the editor and thus an extension may be more appropriate to provide it. But that would mean that the Nova developer team would have to yield specific API end-points just for that use case.

  • How likely/unlikely would it be to have API end-points added for specific use cases?
  • How likely/unlikely would it be to have a specific feature added in the main editor?
  • Is the “paid app” nature of Nova an assurance of a more focused attention to users and developers needs? (Usually, free software is “PROVIDED AS IS”, while paid software is not)