Reload Nova using modified config


Is there a way to force Nova to reload or re-initialize after programatically updating configuration files in ~/Library/Application Support/Nova? I want my extension to modify the Clips, Behaviours and Workspace Layout files. This works fine, but I need to manually restart Nova for the changes to take effect. Is there any way to do this programatically?


There isn’t. Please don’t do this. :sweat_smile: If there’s specific apis you might want we’re happy to listen.

Didn’t know this was bad practice. Thanks for the heads up! :smiley:
To give you some context, I wanted to write an extension (that I would very much want myself) to sync my Clips and all settings such as Workspace layouts in Nova (would be cool to sync installed extensions as well). I did some experimenting and it would be technically possible to do by writing to the Application Support folder, but that required reloading Nova.

I know there is Panic sync, but that only seems to sync servers, which I personally don’t use in Nova.

I guess you can consider this a feature request for fully syncing the application state between machines!

Thanks! :v:

No worries. :smile:

For the most part, directly writing to any files in our app support folder that aren’t related to your extension is fraught with peril. Nova doesn’t make any guarantees that it will notice or even that it won’t cause further issues.

I will definitely consider this a request either for Panic Sync support for those items or APIs to safely replace those items.

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