Remote editing à la rmate

Nova allows editing remote files using the built-in protocols from Transmit.

However, when working in the terminal of a remote box, it’s really cumbersome to switch to Nova, connect remotely, go to the right path and open the file. The workflow would be much more fluid if you could just do nova file.txt on the remote box and then edit it locally.

TextMate has implemented a solution back the ole days: The combination of a simple rmate script in the PATH of the remote box along with some SSH port forwarding does the trick beautifully.

And you can even set it up in ways which work if you have to su from your SSH enabled user into another one e.g. in order to edit config files. Direct access from outside the current Nova way hit’s a wall in this case.

Other editors such as Sublime Text or VSCode have adopted the idea and use the rmate script. Nova could do the same.

Any chance you could implement this feature in Nova at some point? If I remember right, it’s basically a listener to which the remote script connects thru the port forwards.

Maybe such a listener would even make it possible to write a browser extension which opens a textarea in Nova. For quite some time now, browsers don’t allow direct communication on the filesystem for this, but network connections are okay.

Thanks for considering this feature!

Or if you’re a user like me, thanks for hitting that :heart: a little down to upvote the idea.

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