Scheme help with Tree Sitter symbol queries

I’m admittedly new to Scheme and running into a few issues when trying to create symbols. Right now I’m trying to create symbols for impl blocks (collection of methods) and here’s what I have for methods that don’t implement a trait (interface):

    type: (type_identifier) @name @displayname
    !trait) @subtree
(#set! role category)
(#append! @displayname " methods"))

The main issue here is that " methods" isn’t appended to the displayed name. Is the append! predicate not allowed for display names and I should opt for a display name query?

Next up I have the inverse, where the method(s) implement a specific trait (interface):

    type: (type_identifier) @name
    trait: (_) 
    ) @subtree
(#set! role category)
(#set! displayname.query "symbols/impl_item.scm"))

This results in breaking symbol queries so no symbols are shown and this error appears in the Extension Console:

[rust] Error evaluating structure query: Invalid structure:
    trait: (_)) @subtree

This is my Scheme ignorance showing, but that looked like a valid query to me. Can anyone help me fix this error?

For my final issue, if I ignore the trait field to have my display name queries run, then with the following queries:

    type: (type_identifier) @result)
(#append! @result ": "))

    trait: (type_identifier) @result)

…an example impl block of impl Default for MyStruct {} becomes:


Whereas I was targeting

MyStruct: Default

I take it the display name isn’t assembled according to the order of my queries, but rather according to the order nodes show up in the syntax tree?