Serenade (voice to code)

I’m not sure how to tag this…I am a web developer trying to expand my coding skills but am struggling physically with a disability. I have found a good voice to code solution, but at present it does not work with Nova.

I love Nova and was hoping to get help to integrate Serenade to Nova they have an API, but I am getting out of my depth :roll_eyes:

I hope I get get some help :pray:t2:

Many thanks,

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I’m speaking a bit out of my depth here as well, but it might help to share my thoughts on how I would start going about this.

There are some caveats that may hinder full implementation: you currently can only affect certain aspects of Nova with plugins, like the editor field, add sidebar panes, and menu items. The terminal and other sidebar panes that are not part of your plugin are not accessible, from what I understand.

  1. To start, I would create a new Nova Extension, choosing the appropriate template.
  2. I would review the source code of the VSCode plugin, as well as the Atom plugin, and determine what can be implemented in Nova.
  3. Having identified the functionality that can be ported over, I would start fleshing out the various methods in you new extension, and build up from there.

I know this is not much, but perhaps it sparks enough to get started, allowing for more specific discussion of implementation details as you come across hurdles.

For reference, here are the repos for the Atom and VSCode plugins:

Serenade’s documentation may also be a good starting point:

All the best, this sounds like a worthwhile project!

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Hi @mike.bronner,

Thank you very much for reply!

There is nothing like jumping in at the deep end and hoping you can swim :flushed: I have created a GitHub Repo…

The points you made are very helpful. I look forward to having help and guidance from anyone!