Setting a file type icon

As part of my extension I’m introducing a new language and this file extension. How exactly do you add an icon for that file type? I’ve seen the __filetype option in the docs but it doesn’t say where exactly to put that particular file, unless I’m misreading

AFAIK it’s not possible right now

@Logan don’t suppose you’re able to confirm on this one at all are you?

This is correct. We have want to do this, and it’s on my list of plans, it’s just determining when. Specifically, we want to design it such that extensions can contribute iconography that is then composited onto our standard icon set for consistency, so if we tweak that in the future we don’t need to ask extension devs to update, which all makes things a bit more complex.

I think your long term goal of being able to have this as part of the extension is awesome and really the ideal long term solution :smiley: