Sidebar X Button

Please can you include a close option on the sidebar, just above the sidebar?

I shouldn’t have to go to the other side of my screen to click on a tiny icon, and navigate down the menu to select a “Hide Sidebar” option.

The close option should ALWAYS be close to the sidebar. This is basic UX!

It would also be very smart to have a keyboard shortcut to close the Sidebar.

You could create a shortcut and also use the command palette btw!


  • setting → keybinding-> search “sidebar”

Command Palette:

I get your point though, but I am more of a keyboard only person as it is faster, in fact I never even noticed that surprisingly haha.

My Nova already has a default keyboard shortcut for show/hide sidebar, which is Control + Command + B

Thank you. I didn’t know about the command pallet. Could you tell me how to call it?

Also in terms of UX, you’re right as you become more and more familiar with the tool you’re going to abandon sliding your mouse to reach the screen affordance, when a quick keyboard shortcut will do.

Since you also didn’t notice the missing X button, I think it stands to reason that the developers of the tool are also pro users who didn’t consider novice users when they do their UX analysis of their app.

If they hired me, I help them to create a better solution for this sidebar. It’s good and its implementation but I think it can still be improved.

Nova is the best editing tool that I have and I only want to make it better.

Oh no, you have been missing out then.

Here is the docs for it

On top of open quickly and palette, there are few other ones, but I don’t remember top of my mind.

I would also add the App’s, help and guides are not very great (on boarding). I wish it was all done in one document or ePub like they did for Coda2 or just create a nice comprehensive help section like affinity.

Although I am way passed that stage but for future devs who opt in for Nova haha

I found it quite challenging myself to find my way around when I first picked up Nova