"Similar Text Selection" Feature

Nova is definitely the best IDE I’ve ever used but this is the one feature that is missing for me and my colleagues…

Here’s and example of how it could work:

The idea is when you select a piece of text, the editor selects other text in the file that match. That way, you can select a variable or a tag and see all other instances of that piece of text.

As far as I am aware given your description, Nova already supports this feature.

2023-04-05 09.44.04

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That’s interesting. In your screen recording, I can barely make out a contrast difference between the highlighted background color. I’m definitely not seeing that in my version of the app. Which one are you demonstrating here in the screenshot?

The screenshot was recorded with Nova 10.6, our most recent public shipping version.

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Thank you, I am seeing it now too in the latest version but the color difference has lower contrast and I can barely see it on my monitor. Is there a way that I can edit the theme file to adjust the color value for the other selected text?

There isn’t; This is not part of theming in Nova, it uses a hard-coded color offset from the editor background color. But, I will make a note for us to look into improving the contrast, as I do agree with you!


Thank you that’s wonderful. On my primary Mac screen I can see a little bit of the color difference but on my external monitor, I absolutely cannot see a color difference. That’s why on Twitter, I’m constantly asking you guys when you’l be introducing this feature. It’s probably been in there since day one and I could never see it :slight_smile: