Socket debug adapter with stdout output

Hi again,

I have a debug adapter connected via DAP on action.transport = "domainSocket" and it’s work fine, however it also writes to standard output stdout which doesn’t echo it through the socket.

Is there a way to set up a debug connector to also show stdout while debugging? I’ve tried combining the task with open report output: On run but this also only shows the debug communication that happens on the socket.

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Hmm, not currently. This might be the first I’ve heard of an adapter doing this since the Debug Adapter Protocol has built-in facilities for forwarding output logging the adapter generates through whatever transport is in use. I will consider it an enhancement request, though!

Our of curiosity, what adapter is it?

rdbg, the ruby debugger GitHub - ruby/debug: Debugging functionality for Ruby

DEBUGGER: Debugger can attach via UNIX domain socket (/var/folders/6b/40fdxjh95_74j1_50sg8g1qm0000gn/T/rdbg-501/rdbg-30889)
DEBUGGER: wait for debugger connection...
Ruby REPL: You can run any Ruby expression here.
Note that output to the STDOUT/ERR printed on the TERMINAL.
  `,COMMAND` runs `COMMAND` debug command (ex: `,info`).
  `,help` to list all debug commands.
DEBUGGER: Connected.

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