Submitting my extension fails with "The file 'semver' couldn't be opened because there is no such file"


I’m trying to submit my first extension, and after the first screen “Ready to Submit”, I click the “Submit” button, but then I immediately get an error screen with “The file ‘semver’ couldn’t be opened because there is no such file”.

Capture d’écran 2021-03-17 à 00.14.59

Am I missing something?

My extension is hosted here: GitHub - guillaumealgis/JSON-Minifier.novaextension: Minify a JSON file using a Nova command

Thanks for you help!

I think this might be caused by a symlink in your node_modules directory.

See this thread for the same issue (I recall hitting it during my first extension submission as well).

Yes, I believe Cameron is correct. There’s a known issue where symlinks are not currently supported within extension bundles, related to the underlying zip archive library we use to package it up for sending to the server not supporting them properly.

Thank you @apexskier and @logan, this was indeed caused by my node_modules directory. After removing it I was able to submit my first extension for Nova :slight_smile:

I’m seeing two ways to make this process better in the future:

  • A better error message, mentioning symlinks as unsupported
  • Some sort of ignore file à la .gitignore to exclude files and directory when packaging the extension (I think I saw that already floating around on the forums)

Again, thank you both for you help!

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