Support token based authentication (automate submitting a new version)

While developing a new nova extension I couldn’t find examples on how to automate submitting new versions of an extension as part of a github release. I’m guessing that there are a few things that needs to happen before that is possible?

To enable this workflow, it’d be great to have:

  • token based authentication (stored in github secrets)
  • public documentatin for how to submit extensions via api

The best case would obviously be an offiical nova github action that helps with validating your extension and submitting it as part of a workflow the user would set up.

If you didn’t know, Nova’s CLI supports pushing extensions to the extension library through the nova extension publish command. This still performs all of the relevant client-side validation that is required.

It’s unlikely we’ll open up the direct web API to third parties, as that would bypass the client-side validation, and not all of it is doable server-side (as our servers don’t run macOS).

Didn’t know that. Thanks.