Task assistant: async provideTasks?

A conformant TaskAssistant must have a provideTasks method which returns Task[] (synchronously).

I’d like to get available tasks from the LSP, using client.sendRequest. But this method is asynchronous, and therefore can’t be used in provideTasks.

This could be good for a few other things too, like retrieving available tasks from a server.

If you return a Promise object from this method, it should wait for it to resolve.

That’s a nice surprise, thanks! Is there a way to contribute to the Nova API docs so that I could help update docs like these (AssistantsRegistry - Nova)?


Is there a way to contribute to the Nova API docs

This would be actually, great. I found quite a few dead links as well that could be rectified possibly that way! :+1:

There isn’t, as our docs are not stored in an open-source repository, but if you find any issues, please do list them so we can rectify it.

Sure! My first suggestion would be:

The provideTasks method of the assistant should return a promise of an array of Taskobjects.