Task Template Icon Question

I am working on a Task Template Extension and have questions about Task Template icons.

I see from the Images documentation that the main extension icon should be at the root of the extension with file names extension.png and extension@2x.png.

I am guessing this is the image shown in the Extension Library interface in Nova. Is that correct?

The Images page mentions that task template icons exist and the recommended dimensions for them, but that seems to be the only mention of them I can find.

A few questions:

  • Where do task template icons appear in the user interface?
  • How do I set the task template icon for the extension?

When you create a new Task Template extension project, there is an empty folder structure at the root level: Images/extension.

This wouldn’t seem to be for the main extension icon since those image files are supposed to go at the root, is that correct?

Is the following also correct?

  • The task template icon should also be named extension.png and extension@2x.png
  • These should be put into the Images/extension folder
  • These should use the 16x16 & 32x32 recommended sizes, which are different than the main extension sizes.

Thank you for your help and clarification!

A task template icon shows up in Nova’s Project Settings sidebar, after a user creates an instance of your task template and adds it to their project, as well as the toolbar when it’s selected as the current task, such as the example below for LLDB:

To add an icon for this, you will want to create a new subfolder of within the Images/ subfolder of your extension (such as Images/my-icon/), and then place 1x and 2x PNG assets within that folder (named Images/my-icon/my-icon.png and Images/my-icon/my-icon@2x.png, respectively).

You can name your icon whatever you’d like (my-icon here just used as an example), as long as both the icon’s folder and PNG assets are named the same. In the following example, it uses the name lldb:

Screenshot 2023-06-28 at 1.50.18 PM

Then, when you are setting the specifics of your task template in your extension.json file, you use that name as the image property of the template:

The Images/extension/ folder being created by default appears to be an unintentional leftover, and / or a misuse of the term extension as an example that just confuses things. We’ll look into getting that cleaned up in the extension template and clarify the documentation.

Thank you for the feedback on that! Let me know if we can clarify or help with anything else.

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This answers my questions. Thank you so much for clarifying!

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