💥 TextEditorEdit.replace causing hard crashes in Nova 7.2

It seems that of 7.2 calls to TextEditorEdit.replace cause hard crashes most of the time (!)

I’m experiencing this in my own extension, nova-deno, and also in nova-typescript. The relevant code that triggers the crash for both is here and here, respectively (and are more or less identical). The arguments being provided to TextEditorEdit.replace are well formed, and I’m not aware of any changes to this code recently.

I’ve uploaded a gist of the crash log here.


Not at all optimal, but doing only one replace operation at a time seems a reliable workaround, with the unfortunate side effect of being slower and littering the undo stack.

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I’m also having this issue with my extension.

Doing single operations seems to be fine but doing multiple simultaneous ones (such as when having multiple cursors) crashes Nova pretty consistently, regardless of the document, project or however many documents or projects are open.

Interestingly this doesn’t occur if I swap replace with insert so it would seem to be a replace-specific issue.

Sorry for the late reply on this—I’ve been out of the office for the last few days. We’re tracking this issue and hope to have a fix in the next bug fix update to Nova, which I believe should be 7.3.


Seems to have fixed it here. Thanks!