The width of the hovering panel can be too small

The width of the hovering panel can be too small in the code editor (see the screenshot)

Environment: Nova 10.6


I have a similar problem where the Contextual Hover Information is both too narrow and too short given the amount of screen space there is. Is there a way to set this anywhere? Or is this dynamic based on how the information is provided from the Language Server? Here is an example from intelephense

I reported this problem to Panic a few months ago but it was apparently not fixed.

It would also be nice if the user could resize it (and have Nova remember the size), and also to have a keyboard shortcut that shows and hides it so you don’t have to pick up the mouse just to see some docs. I try to pick up the mouse as infrequently as possible.

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Still an issue in Nova 11.6 it seems.

Based on my own observations, the cause seems to be that the min width (however that may be determined internally) doesn’t always take the length of the signature header portion into account when the item also renders documentation below it… but only in certain, seemingly random, situations.