Theme colors different than specified

Swapping between editors, it seemed like nova was slightly different / washed out to my eyes. I didn’t really think much of it until I tried to modify my own theme. I’m not sure if this is a bug, or if there is a specific reason for this, but it does appear that colors are not what is defined in the theme.

I’m using xScope to inspect:

I have another example of the default hsl color being off, but I can only post one image.

Is this known? or is this an effect of some other setting I may have made?

If I’m not mistaken, this has more to do with differing “Color Profiles”… I also use Xscope, but I’ve seen this many times with other color pickers as well, where the picked color does not match the one specified (e.g. when picking a color from a webpage where you know the exact hex/rgb value).

i think vscode must be forcing a color profile. i started changing colors in multiple apps and selecting different color profiles. vscode changed until i relaunched, and then it went back to displaying “correctly”.

still seems a bit weird to me though.

OK, I figured out what I needed to do. With P3 colorspace I need to use something like:

background-color: color(display-p3 1 0 0.331);

to define the colors. Nova supports this in their color picker (which I don’t really use, but am happy it is there as it makes this a lot easier)

If I change the picker to P3 and then paste the hexadecimal it seems to properly convert it. Just switching from sRGB to P3 does not properly convert.

And now the colors look as they should.

Sorry for tagging this as a bug.