Theme documentation vs template Nova creates

Whilst working on a theme I noticed a few discrepancies, such as the an identifier that I couldn’t find in the docs, that was in the template (meta.accent),

As well as this, there appeared to be properties listed in the docs that didn’t appear to do anything (background-color in meta.gutter.selected) when specified.

Does anyone know which is canonical?

(Could also do with a theme tag in here, but I don’t appear to be able to add it on my phone)

meta.accent is a leftover from early betas. It shouldn’t be in the template anymore. I will make a note to remove it.

meta.gutter.selected / background-color is used for the background color of selected lines in the editor, seen here as a slightly darker shade of gray:

Thanks, will try it again – I couldn’t get it to work even when I tried #ff0000

Can we get a themes tag though pretty please?