Themes: can't make text editor background (meta.document) semi-transparent?

Hi, I am building a theme for nova at the moment, and would like to make the background of the code area semi transparent. When I change background-color to be some semi transparent colour (or include eg. opacity:0.5;) in meta.document it seems the colour of the element underneath meta.document is revealed. This is either full white or dark grey depending on if it is light/dark mode. So is there a way of targeting this element below meta.document or is there another way of achieving the same effect of the code area in the text editor being semi transparent?

This is correct. The editor cannot be semi-transparent and show the desktop or other windows through, for a few random reasons.

One being it’s not particularly easy to do semi-transparent standard windows (with a title bar and such) with the macOS UI APIs (AppKit) unless you want to override and do all of the window drawing yourself (the most pressing part being the window shadow, which goes away if you override with custom window drawing).

Ah okay. Thanks for the response!