Theming additions for high-contrast

Hi, I recently bought an eInk monitor for coding and have been trying to find a good way to theme both Nova, and VSCode, that feels more natural to the display. VSCode is a little ahead of Nova in this area, but it’s still not great.

While trying to theme Nova toward a higher contrast, there still seem to be some areas that aren’t able to be themed, that are pretty low contrast, and end up disappearing on the monitor. Lowering the contrast on the monitor to make these areas visible ends up muddying everything overall.

I’m trying to achieve visuals similar to mac os system 6. It seems to work best when I can limit the theme to black and white and use font styles with different outlines, borders, and line thicknesses. Being able to apply base 64 encoded 1bit png patterns in place of colors would also be super helpful, to simulate transparency, or shades of grey in some areas. The monitor’s dithering isn’t wonderful and often creates pretty bad artifacts when trying to display shades of grey.

I hope this is an area that can be improved.