Theming Markdown link destination

Hi there,

Is it possible to give the link destination of markdown links a different color? The theme inspector shows a rule link_destination, but how to make a selector of it? I already tried

Cheers, Tekl

Hello Tekl,

Not currently, but this is a very good suggestion. This would require some slight modifications to our built-in Markdown extension to expose the link destination as a selector themes can target. I will look into adding this for our next major release.


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Oh, hmm. I may actually have already added this and didn’t remember, depending on if it ends up working for you:

If you target as a selector, does that function as you’d expect? Standard Markdown links for me gain this selector, but there might be another form of link I’m not checking at the moment that it misses.

Ah, no. I see now that that affects both the link and the title of the link equally. Yes, we should add a separate selector for the link destination, as you suggested.

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