Tree-Sitter debugging + syntax inspection help

Hi :wave:

I am not sure if this is a bug or that I am doing something wrong. Before I start I should mention that I am using Nova11b1.

I am trying to create a language grammar using the tree-sitter. i have everything very well set up. I write the grammar.js, then generate the parser and use the build script to transform the parser and copy into the Syntax/ folder as advised on the documentation. I then activate my project as an extension and the syntax inspector can pick up the dummy rule I wrote as expected

However I have an issue when I amend the grammar. Whenever I adjust the grammar, generate and copy the new .dylib into the Syntax/ folder, Nova does not update the extension to reflect the change… I tried deactivating and activating, saving the example file, even deleting the old .dylib and replacing with the new one, and none of them work to reflect the new grammar.js.

The only solution is for me to entirely close Nova, then reopen and activate the extension again for the new grammar to take effect. Is this behaviour normal? any ways I could clear the cache, apart from closing the app entirely?

I understand I could use tree-sitter parse but I would really rather use the inspector as it is much nicer and easier to debug with…

Now that I am at it, anyone knows the difference between the .dylib file generated in the root directory vs build/lib/ I seem to get two .dylib files generate every time I run the build script