Troubleshooting save hanging on extension pre-save actions

After running Nova for awhile (> 1hr, actually seems random) saves hangs and then the “Save Anyway” buttons shows up, saying that is waiting for extensions pre-save actions.

When I reopen Nova it saids that my extension “Tools” had errors.

I haven’t found a pattern, nor Im getting errors to lead me in any direction. I tried a lot of things console.log, and debugging promises that may be hiding an error and still nothing. I checked the MacOs console and nothing there, nor I can find anything in Nova’s Extension console.

As far as my debugging goes all of my entry points are executing and finishing properly.

I do implement a Symbol Tree that parses the source code on save, maybe my parsing logic is getting stock or bombing out on a particular edge-case. Yet using Try-Catch/Console.log has proven useless to identify what’s goin on.

Any pointer to help me figure out this issue.