Troubleshooting save hanging on extension pre-save actions

After running Nova for awhile (> 1hr, actually seems random) saves hangs and then the “Save Anyway” buttons shows up, saying that is waiting for extensions pre-save actions.

When I reopen Nova it saids that my extension “Tools” had errors.

I haven’t found a pattern, nor Im getting errors to lead me in any direction. I tried a lot of things console.log, and debugging promises that may be hiding an error and still nothing. I checked the MacOs console and nothing there, nor I can find anything in Nova’s Extension console.

If you keep using Nova at this stage eventually Nova becomes more unresponsive and you do see errors in the the console that Nova can not communicate with the NovaExtensionService.

As far as my debugging goes all of my entry points are executing and finishing properly.

Using Try-Catch/Console.log has proven useless to identify what’s goin on.

Any pointer to help me figure out this issue.

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I have methodically striped my extension bits by bits debugging the cause of the hang.

In my extension you can define JS files that act as pseudo plugins themselves (quick tools that you can write). The scripts can be executed on different events like when you save a doc, etc.

The problems seems to be the use of async/await. Removing the async/await code from the scripts eliminated the hangs.