UI preferences not being saved

Hi @logan. I think there may be an issue with ui preferences being saved. I have had the issue with the TODO extension I am working on and a user has also reported the same problem.

This is the link to the GitHub discussion, Unable to configure for Rails project · Issue #7 · jasonplatts/nova-todo · GitHub. Briefly, however, the problem seems to be that saving is not always occurring when the ui element in preferences loses focus, especially if the user clicks on the “Done” button while the cursor is still in the text box.

Do you have any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

I don’t have any specific suggestions at the moment, but we can definitely investigate as to whether this is happening for everyone. If so, we should hopefully be able to resolve it in our next bug fix update (we have our Big Sur update coming tomorrow, but it will need to be the one after).

Thanks @logan for looking into the problem. Looking forward to tomorrow’s update!

Notes: I’ve confirmed this is an issue in current versions. We are tracking this as #2245.

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Hi @logan. Any update on this issue? I have had a few users mention running into the problem and I noticed it still fails to save correctly in Nova 6.2.

Although in the preferences window, the changes appear to have been saved, the changes aren’t actually made to the Configuration.json file unless the user click into another text field before clicking “Done” in the preferences.


I beleive this is still an issue.

What seems to be the case, though, is that if you update an option and then press Enter it will update immediately as expected.

As far as I can tell it is a bit unpredictable in terms of values being saved if tabbed or clicked out of. It also differs based on the type of input. For instance, for a number, if you you use the up/down arrows the values save immediately, but clicking/tabbing out of the field doesnt always work. I don’t think i’ve noticed an issue with enum types.