Unable to Build Nova Rubocop Extension


I am attempting to build the Nova Rubocop extension so I can debug the fact it is not starting when I attempt to use it. When I do so I get the following error:

Task Terminated with exit code 1
Failed to execute process '/var/folders/c2/kyzk7r2n6554x40byj8315d40000gn/T/com.panic.Nova/36C0453C-BAEA-4BD3-B26E-6A600A0D6A1C.sh'. Reason:
exec: Invalid argument
The file '/var/folders/c2/kyzk7r2n6554x40byj8315d40000gn/T/com.panic.Nova/36C0453C-BAEA-4BD3-B26E-6A600A0D6A1C.sh' is marked as an executable but could not be run by the operating system.

I filed an issue on GitHub but haven’t heard back from the developer, so would love help figuring out how to debug this.