Unofficial Discord

I’m a new user to Nova, and I’ve been really impressed with the editor so far. One area that I think could use a lot of improvement is the developer experience when creating extensions. I find it tedious and disheartening that there is only one communication medium developers have, and it’s a forum. Forums are helpful for preserving content and making them indexable, but it steers away people who work with tighter feedback loops and need to stay close to their project before they forget about it. In my case, I’ve been developing my own syntax extension for Zig and have had trouble understanding and debugging the syntax scope rules.

I’ve taken it upon myself to create a discord for Nova. There is only one invite link: Nova Text Editor

I’ve tried to keep the server as free as possible without cultivating a toxic and hateful community. I hope I can chat with some of you in the near future :slight_smile:

Note that I’m just a user of discord, and this discord is not sponsored or made by Panic themselves.

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I think there was another unofficial Nova discord at some point, but I’ve lost the link. But there were a lot of folks already there.

I’m willing to join that one and shadow mine if it were to crop up again!

Was it perhaps this one from @apexskier ?

It predates this here forum. The last comment in the discussion above makes it sound like it ran out of steam.