Adding keybinding option to show/bring focus to a sidebar

Hi everyone,

I had a request to add a keybinding option to show, or bring in focus, a sidebar. Can anyone tell me if this is currently possible?

I think this feature request is somwhat similar to this one, API to bring an extension's sidebar panel into view

The link to the feature request is, Shortcut for sidebar · Issue #29 · jasonplatts/nova-todo · GitHub.



Hello Jason!

Sorry for the delay in answering this. This isn’t currently available, but I’ll mark this as a feature request in the API.

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No worries. Thank you @logan

Just wanted to say I’d also like this, with the use-case being a command which computes results to be show in the sidebar.

If a user invokes the command without the sidebar already open, the only way to alert that the command actually worked is to throw up a result asking them to open the sidebar.

Edit: sorry, I now realise this thread is requesting something else. What I’m really asking for is this.