API to bring an extension's sidebar panel into view

I’d like to have the ability to bring a sidebar contributed by an extension in view/focus.
The use case I have is that I often use the Find references action provided by the TypeScript LSP extension, but rarely have it activated. This leads to a poor UX where I have to dismiss the instructions provided by the extensions, and then manually find the right sidebar panel.
Instead I’d love to have the necessary APIs to:

  • determine whether the panel is already visible for the user or not
  • and if not, bring it into view

Here’s a screen recording of the current UX for reference: https://cln.sh/beT7xxQQE9IGJGzYnYJV

Thanks for considering :slight_smile:


+1 - I actually have a comment in the source code of the TypeScript extension about this - https://github.com/apexskier/nova-typescript/blob/27d990877ac2af94f688fd89bcd6ce2efbb6d261/src/searchResults.ts#L134-L139

This is a great suggestion. We’ll definitely try and add this sometime soon.

Bumping this as I’d like it for pretty much the same reason @apexskier did. :grin:

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